New HDR Photos of Richmond!

Well, I finally got around to really trying out HDR with shots I took about a month ago with Nate and Debs at the river. Ive had a growing interest in HDR photography, but could never find software or methods that really worked for me. Finally I settled on the automated ‘Merge to HDR’ function of Photoshop CS3, and then researched some of the advanced features you have with 32bit images.

For those who don’t know, HDR stands for ‘High Dynamic Range’. In a normal exposure, you pretty much average the shadows and highlights to present a normal picture (though our eyes may see it differently, a camera can not record the entire visual range). With HDR, you layer standard exposures with over- and under-exposed matching shots, to bring out details in the highlights and shadows. This usually presents sometimes almost ‘surreal’ photos, but REAL attention grabbers. 

While I like HDR photography, I think it has its place. There are plenty of people who REALLY process their images, and have AMAZING results. In my case, I tried to do very little editing, since I usually prefer presenting the image in something more ‘realistic’, and how I possibly saw the shot with my own eyes. 

Please check out my latest photos on Flickr! I will be tagging all HDR images, and you can see them all here!


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