Lumpkin’s Jail in Style Weekly this week

I was surprised to hear ‘my’ name come up this week in the cover story of the recent edition of Style Weekly. The awesome story named ‘Look Away, Look Away’ is a discussion into some of the ‘untold stories’ about Richmond being the center of slave trade. You can read the story online here.

I actually heard of the story in two places before I got a chance to read it. While at work, one of my co-workers asked if I had any relation to the jail, and did I know it existed. Then, after reading my blogs, I noticed that the Near Westend News also picked up the story. I completely agree that its ‘about time’ some people start talking about this, and we embrace the history and move on, rather than continue to ‘brush it under the rug like it didn’t happen’.

Well, last night on this blog, the writer Chris left a comment on my ‘About’ page, asking about my family history. I promptly emailed him back, because I am very curious to see how I can help out. I have not received word back, but look forward to see how I can help out in any way possible.

I do have a book that was written in 1990 covering 200 years of my family’s history. Ive used it a few times, mainly to track our family’s connection to the civil war (at one time, I was interested joining the sons on confederate veterans; come to find out my great, great, great grandfather served for the confederacy out of New Kent in the 26th Confederate Infantry).

Unfortunately, the Lumpkin Jail is not covered in this book, but records of slave ownership were. Also, from looking around online, especially at the A.C.O.R.N. website, the Lumpkin Jail was run by a ‘Robert Lumpkin’, which my family had quite a few documented. I still need to compare some dates, and will post something when I find out further. I will also post some more when I may get to meet up with Chris, and see what we could find out!

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