7 years ago, Henrico Co. Schools went all Mac

Its hard to believe its been that long ( I remember working at High School RIGHT before graduating setting up the first round of these things), but 7 years ago Henrico made the HUGE purchase of 23,000 iBooks to give students. This was BEFORE intel Macs, remember!

Ahh, and to know that this is my 13th year being a Mac user. Yes, I was one before it was cool, and I got made fun of quite a bit in High School and College for being one. But of course now most of the IS department in the school of business carries Macs. The same teachers that said ‘Macs were useless’. Thanks Tina 🙂


4 thoughts on “7 years ago, Henrico Co. Schools went all Mac

  1. hahaha – did you hear that from me? no way (chuckle) 😉
    yea one could call me a convert too – but i started out on a Mac back in 96 …yea that dates me hehe

  2. Hah more of calling out your man :). HAH! And I beat you! We bought our first Mac in 95!! And I used it straight up to HS graduation (01). The only time I have been ‘fully’ away from a Mac in most cases was while at GMU!

  3. oh not so fast! i did start on a Mac earlier than 96 😉 I was jus sayin that was when I used it for ISRI hehehe

  4. Hah same here, we used them all through elementary school. 95 is when we went to Sears and bought our first computer actually. But yeah, before that, I had been using numerous original Mac’s.

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