Our new puppy Toby!

The last day of our vacation, Debs and I finally made the move and picked up our new little puppy, which we named Toby. He is a purebred beagle. One of her coworkers beagles just had babies, so we picked one up (We actually picked up a second one, Dexter, who is now owned by our close friend Amy!).

Today he turns 8 weeks old!

Its been a crazy past few days with him. He wakes us up in the middle of the night, and can get really mean when he is tired. Its also been amazing to watch him grow every day! Each day he learns or trys something new. For example, Monday, he learned how to start running a WHOLE lot better, and loves to dash up and down the hallway. He also learned on Monday how to stay in the crate the entire time while we were at work, and not have any problems!

Yesterday was his first vet visit as well. We started going to a vet down the street from our house, that we can even walk to! He got a shot for a little skin rash he had, as well as a calendar for when we need to take him for his shots. While at the vet (for 2.5 hours 😦 ), we also ran into a REALLY old friend of mine, Vincent, who was my best friend pretty much through Elementary and Middle School. It was nice catching up with him again (this time on better terms, last time we met was at a funeral for a close friend of ours from Elementary and Middle School as well). 

Im uploading new photos and videos of him all the time to flickr now! Go by and check them out!


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