Just another quick update…

Things are going to be a little busy this week, so I figured if anything, I would like to post a little about whats been going on!

  • It looks like we are getting a puppy! Debs and I went out in Goochland to one of her co-workers place. They have a ton of pure bred Beagle puppies, and we picked one out. Now to figure out what to name it! You can see pics of the little guy here.
  • Debs and I are going on our first ‘real’ vacation since our Honeymoon. We are going to Chicago to celebrate our 2 year wedding anniversary. I need to pack like crazy this week!
  • The strawberry hill races were this last weekend. It rained a ton, which made the day suck in some parts, but otherwise a blast like usual. You can see some pics here. One of my shots last year actually made it to a services called “Schmaps”.
  • By the way, you meet the WEIRDEST people on the shuttles from RIR to Colonial Downs. Every one calm and quiet on the drive out there. On the way home, its a nightmare! Last year people were just throwing beer around. This year, we ended up sitting beside a guy that looked like Freddie Mercury, had a country accent, but totally thought he was a ‘thug’. He had a pretty bad time at the track (some lady problems) and decided to let everyone know his phone calls. Another rather interesting guy decided to comment back that we didn’t want to hear it, and then this unique character decided to threaten to beat the living crap out of him. By the time we got back to RIR, they had made up, and were almost going to ride home together.
  • Bought carpet for the den, and it should be installed either this week or the week we get back from our vacation.
  • Did more work around the house this weekend, including fixing our flood lighting on the back part of our den, cleaning up the office some more, and finishing the new fan install.
  • Started playing with HDR photography. I have my bracketed exposures, but I really don’t understand any of the software tools to really process them! I have tried a few Mac tools, but they just don’t make sense to me.
  • Finally, my Uncle George died last week. This was my moms older brother. While we were not terribly close (ive only met him about 10 times in my life), its always very sad to loose a family member, and im praying for my mom and the rest of the family non stop.

Listening To: ‘My Moon, My Man’ by Feist


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