Flickr now has video!

Well, it looks like after at least a year of talk, Flickr now has video! I find it somewhat funny, because it wasn’t until a week ago that I actually created a YouTube account myself. I have been taking a few videos here and there with my digital camera, and usually it was associated with some photo set. Now users can upload (only pro users it seems) to their accounts, and they sit right beside your photos. Also, you can embed these videos in other sites, so I may be doing a few of those soon here as well!

The only thing I have not seen yet is how to actually post the video. Nothing on the web interface (at least under my account) tells me just yet ‘OMGOMGOMG you can put videos on flickr now’. Im sure this will change in the coming days. 

For now, you can least read about it more at TechCrunch


2 thoughts on “Flickr now has video!

  1. Tripp, it looks like they finally updated everything. I uploaded my first video this morning, and it was pretty cool. I dont care for it much, not a big video fan, yet. But at some of the things I take pictures of, its great now to put in videos that I may have taken from the same event (the Blue Man Group concert for example).

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