WordPress.com now running WP 2.5

The wife and I just got back in from running around getting dinner and checking out Lowes and Home Depot for some stuff (Why cant they make a fan that has a remote in a style I like?!?).

I come back to a few emails and log into wordpress to approve a comment.

Lo and behold, WordPress.com has started the move to using WordPress 2.5. Im writing this in the new admin. It looks quite a bit different and will take some getting used to, but is already MUCH faster and cleaner looking!

Looking around on the WordPress.com forums, a lot of people are already complaining. They say that its slow, hard to navigate, etc. Of course when things change, people complain. There are even petitions to allow people to decide if they want to run on 2.5 or not. Who cares? I love it!

We had the same problem when launching our new site, people were so ingrained on how they got around somewhere, it really shocks them to see a change! The immediate reaction is usually always negative in a change like this, until it grows on people. You just have to learn how to go with the change, realize that its ‘usually’ for the better, and move on! Our new site is faster, easier to manage/maintain, and much easier to grow. The new wordpress.com will be the same!

Its funny though, I was looking to going to my own hosting soon. One of the reasons was just to have my own thing again, but another was to start using wordpress 2.5. At least now I get to somewhat test drive the new wordpress 2.5 install before doing in on my own!

The guys at wordpress have more about the new setup here. It appears that they are actually treating as more of an ‘update to the admin’ that an ‘update to the entire site’. 


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