Find other local Twitter users

Ive recently started to use Twitter quite a bit on a daily basis. Not that I want random people on the interwebs knowing what I am doing, but to create an instant communication with people around me, both locally and online. For example, I subscribe to quite a few of my favorite blogs or online services to keep up with their activity, or even to sometimes get a ‘behind the scenes look’ at whats going on with them. 

The other big use for me is to actually keep a pulse on whats going on around me in RVA. I am always curious what the local people think, especially those that also have a geek background. I have made quite a few friends on Twitter, and can share stories, knowledge, and insight, all in 140 characters per post. 

Today on Download Squad, I came across TwitterLocal. Its a search engine that helps you find other Tweets or Twitter users in your area. I put in my zip code and selected 20 miles, and added about 10 new people tonight. The interface could not get ANY easier! You can also get a customized feed, which would be great way to possibly create a online community of tweets around the area you choose. Another great feature is that it seems to pull users in order of recent posts, therefore I dont have to dig through multiple users who have not updated in 3 months. 

BTW – you can follow me on twitter at


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