Cleaning up some posts

Not to long ago, I wrote about how I am probably going to let expire. I have owned it for almost 7 years now, and really dont have an interest with it anymore. I am interested in possibly going back to a hosted environment though, so I could start offering my services to more people, making a few bucks on the side, etc.

In the case that I do move away from, its a good chance that im still going to stick to wordpress, especially after reading up a bit on the new WordPress 2.5.

When I moved to wordpress, I tagged a lot of my stories to say ‘Blogger’, so I could better differentiate between old a new posts. Now that I have been writing a whole lot more, Blogger doesn’t really make sense anymore.

Therefore, im going through YEARS of old posts and cleaning them up. Many of them are actually useless. Those that are not, im reclassifying them correctly.  If I move, then I can start fresh and let the site grow from there. If I stay here on, then things look better. No matter what though, my content will be a lot better organized!


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