Made progress on the den, but have an issue!

Since last Friday was Good Friday, Debs had the day off, and I only worked for about half the day. The second half we spent some time in the Den taking apart the ceiling.

As I mentioned before, this room has a drop ceiling, like those you see in office buildings. The metal itself is getting a little rusty, and the tiles were at least 40 years old. To be safe, we both wore gloves and breathing masks. These came in VERY handy, because there was a ton of dust and grit that had collected up there over the years. We should have actually had hard-hats as well, since there were chunks of brick and concrete up there as well!

After removing all the panels, we started looking around. One could obviously tell that since they knew they were installing this drop ceiling, whatever was above it did not really matter visually. The chimney has one of the worst mortar jobs ever, the fan has a very weird custom made mount, and the wiring is going to be hard to move. We were both hoping for more of a blank slate that we could just throw some drywall on the ceiling, but that won’t be the case now.

We are somewhat stuck. We could just fully gut the room, put up new drywall, and make some sort of cover for the top of the ceiling. But to save money (to spend elsewhere on the house), we may just clean/repaint the metal, and install new tiles. The new tiles will actually help with the acoustics in the room, as well as the ability to make the room even MORE wired (for example, mount speakers in the ceiling, run speaker wire to the back of the house for external speakers, etc).

Our area is having a community cleanup this weekend, so all those old tiles, 10 bags of leaves, and a satellite dish are going away. I was hoping that I would have more time to get more ‘trash’ together, but I just have been to busy.

We probably are going to make a final decision on what to do this weekend as well, so I can go get materials and get back to work!

Listening To: ‘156’ by Mew


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