Facebook figures out my connections for me!

I noticed something new when logging into Facebook this morning. On the front page, under status updates and birthdays in the right column, there now is a randomly appearing ‘People You May Know’ area! You can click on ‘see all’ to go to a list of about 30 people you may know based on existing connections. If you dont see it on your front page, you can also click ‘Friends’ at the top, then select ‘Find Friends’. The very last entry will say ‘People You May Know’

I went through the list this morning and found about 5 people that I did not even think about being on Facebook before. Its great to reestablish those connections, and to have a tool like this to help.

The one thing that I haven’t noticed yet is a way to get a new ‘list’ of people. It seems that every time I refresh the page it does present me with a few new people I have not seen before.  Im guessing with this being the first day it has really been out, that new features will come over time.

I already can think of two AWESOME features that would make this even better…

  1. Sort those people you may know by the amount of connections you actually share. For example, if I share 20 connections with a person, one would assume I would have a better chance of knowing them than someone I only share 3 connections with.
  2. Allow me to ‘flag’ or ‘remove’ people that I really just don’t know! I keep my friend list pretty small, and I only add people I usually really know. Therefore, let me mark someone as ‘not knowing them’ and get a new list of more possible choices

Listening To: ‘9 Ghosts I’ by Nine Inch Nails


1 thought on “Facebook figures out my connections for me!

  1. Wow… thanks for the tip of the new facebook feature! I am going to jump on facebook and see the randoms from my past that I forgot all about!

    Great blog btw 😀

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