I just can’t leave Sirius

I have been a fan of satellite radio for a while now. Richmond has a lot of nice radio stations, but usually I can never find one that REALLY plays what I want to hear. Years ago, I purchased a Kenwood deck for my Olds Cutlass I had, and then the Sirius unit that attached. I was in love, and only got rid of it when I got a new job that had less than a 5 minute commute.

After I switched jobs and had a commute again (its about 20 minutes now, mainly due to traffic from the Westend to the Fan). Therefore, I picked up a Starmate 4 and signed back up for Sirius. The stereo is great, and its awesome to use the ‘Replay’ functionality of it. I can pause and rewind through music. It’s even smart enough to know where new songs begin. For example, If I just ‘tap’ the reverse button, it takes me to the beginning of each song.

Over time, I have realized that a lot of the stations are repeating themselves. It started with the stations that I usually listen to, mainly AltNation and Sirus Hits 1. After discovering Left of Center, an Indie rock station, I have been listening to it 90% of the time I am in my car. In the last month or so, Left of Center really started to repeat as well, and I figured it was time to leave Sirius, and just hook my iPod back up in my car.

When I called yesterday, I was greeted by a really nice phone rep, who talked to me for a moment, and then put me on hold when I asked to cancel. After a few minutes, another lady came back (which I assumed was a manager), and asked my why I was leaving. Upon telling her about the repetitiveness of the channels and how I really did not like hearing their station advertisements non-stop, I was just going to stop service. She immediately offered me 3 months for free, no questions asked.

I then let her know that while the subscription was nice, it still doesnt fix my issue with them. She then started talking about the merger, and told me to start checking our SiriusMerger.com, a site dedicated to the XM and Sirius merger (which is pretty much just relying on FCC approval). She said that ‘they expect this to happen in the next month, and many of my issues should be addressed with this merger’. I told her that I had been following this since the beginning, and from what I had heard, its always been ‘next month’.

She then asked what I was going to switch to, and I explained that I have a rather large collection (60GB) of music, and would just  use my iPod more.  I was going to sell my Starmate 4 to make a few bucks towards the purchase of a Line-Out cable and probably the Belkin Tune Dock. Without asking, she immediately offered me a Starmate Replay, a more rounded version of my current radio. Her reasoning was for me to sell my Starmate 4 to make an extra few bucks, get the iPod stuff I needed, and still listen to Sirius! The deck is mine, and I do not have to return it, even if I cancel next week!

After talking to debs, Im going to keep the service for a bit longer, at least until the end of my free period. At that time, I will call back, and I will be more than happy to stay with them if 1) They give me more free service, or 2) The merger happens, and stuff REALLY changes.

I may actually sell the Replay before I even open it. The only ‘pro’ I see about using that radio is that supposedly it has a MUCH stronger FM signal. My Starmate 4, even with the FM antenna attached, is terriable! My Starmate also uses the universal dock, and I may use the money from the sale of the Replay towards a home docking station.

Listening To: ‘Pox’ by The Smashing Pumpkins


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