Not sure what I want to do anymore…

Wow, yeah, that title could sum up SO many things right now…but its actually dedicated more to this blog actually! My ‘web presence’ has changed so much over the last 10 years its not even funny. And coming this April, its time for me to make a new decision on where to go again.

I have owned the domain name ‘’ since April 2002 when I was at GMU. I was just getting into hosting my own domain with a friend, and its the only thing that came to mind then. Since then I have moved from creating my own static site, moving to blogger hosted on my domain, to then using Dreamhost and WordPress, and finally to

I’m not really sure if I am going to renew this domain in April. The main reason is my lack of being able to really post as often as I like anymore. Originally I was going to go back to some type of shared hosting plan so I could host more of my own information, but I really dont have the time for that anymore. I also would love to separate my content, with more personal stuff being here, and more ‘techie’ stuff being on a new domain, where I can possibly see some type of revenue. My photography blog has seen some hits, and Google Adwords is making a few bucks here and there. Thats going to be in the future though, since I really dont have time to develop it the way I would like to.

Many people keep asking me when am I going to post, what am I up to, etc. With so many services out there to manage our ‘online social entity’, I wish there was a way to aggregate that all into one place to present to everyone. For example, quick online updates from Twitter, pictures posted from flickr, etc. While I don’t mind going to each site to update my status/info/content, someway to present all that information in a central place would be amazing in this fast/hectic life we all live.

Then again, forget it all. I don’t want a computer telling me how my friends are, I want them face to face telling me that.

Listening To: ‘God Given’ by NIN


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