That was quick – Blu-ray wins, HD DVD loses

Well, early this morning (5pm tokyo time) was the nail in the coffin for HD DVD. Toshiba had a press conference announcing the discontinuation of their HD DVD business.Most everyone saw this coming of course a couple of weeks ago when all but one  movie studio announced theye were going Blu-Ray or still undecided. Then of course last week Netflix and Walmart both announce that they were going Blu-Ray. Now even Toshiba, the main makers of HD DVD hardware, announce they are closing the HD DVD business.Debs got me a HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 for Christmas. I still really love the thing, even if I wont be playing many HD DVD’s on it anymore. We use it for our primary DVD player as well, and I have noticed increased sound quality, a better picture than our other DVD player, and enjoy the experience more.  We are going to hold off on picking up any Blu-Ray players for a while though, until they come down in price (and they start development on ‘Version 2’ devices). May pick up a PS3 eventually as well, since it happens to be one of the only that already does many of the ‘Version 2’ things (like storage, network, etc).


3 thoughts on “That was quick – Blu-ray wins, HD DVD loses

  1. one thing i like about the blu-ray over the hd-dvd is that the blue ray holds around 20 gig of data where hd-dvd’s only hold about 10 to 15 gig.

  2. Loses != looses. 🙂

    @debiani386: A dual layer Blu-ray disk will actually hold 50gb! The single layer holds 25gb. HD DVD is 30gb and 15gb respectively.

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