That was quick – Blu-ray wins, HD DVD loses

Well, early this morning (5pm tokyo time) was the nail in the coffin for HD DVD. Toshiba had a press conference announcing the discontinuation of their HD DVD business.Most everyone saw this coming of course a couple of weeks ago when all but one  movie studio announced theye were going Blu-Ray or still undecided. Then of course last week Netflix and Walmart both announce that they were going Blu-Ray. Now even Toshiba, the main makers of HD DVD hardware, announce they are closing the HD DVD business.Debs got me a HD DVD player for the Xbox 360 for Christmas. I still really love the thing, even if I wont be playing many HD DVD’s on it anymore. We use it for our primary DVD player as well, and I have noticed increased sound quality, a better picture than our other DVD player, and enjoy the experience more.  We are going to hold off on picking up any Blu-Ray players for a while though, until they come down in price (and they start development on ‘Version 2’ devices). May pick up a PS3 eventually as well, since it happens to be one of the only that already does many of the ‘Version 2’ things (like storage, network, etc).


Where I have been the last week…

The last week has been one of the worst in a LONG time. Due to many issues, life has just overall SUCKED. Though, today especially, I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and things are getting more back to normal.

Other than developing and hosting our site, we host quite a few other sites around town and the country. This runs on completely different hardware than the new site. We have been planning a few different ways to really go through this equipment to clean it up, and were going to start this process this summer.

Well, somehow, two of our primary web servers decided to fail at the SAME time. Luckily we were able to roll DNS on most of the sites to come back up in less than a few hours on other hardware. After 10 hours on the phone with Microsoft, many late nights, we basically decided to rebuild from scratch. That has worked great, until some really old applications we were using just did not want to work.

So im back in the datacenter today, rebuilding the machines again. At least this time I am on a roll, and really know where im going. It looks like beginning first thing next week, we will have users starting to roll back onto these machines. I also have set up a blog for notification status, emergency contact lists, as well as a Ubuntu server to monitor all of our hardware.

Enough of the geek talk – something else also happened. I have always had to put up with AnxietyOCD, and major depression at times. This is one of the main reasons I pretty much failed out of GMU and moved back to Richmond to go to VCU. I have never seen days that dark before, and even thinking about it is a nightmare. Luckily I have a wonderful wife (she was only my girlfriend at the time), a loving family, and a strong group of friends.

Somehow, I let myself fall into this mess again, and fell into a very dark, depressed state. Its pretty deep to get into here, but if you ever want to hear how messed up my mind can me, ask me sometime!

Lastly, I am still on this Doxycycline for the sinuses, and caught a cold. With a lack of sleep, aching body, things have just sucked.

Im almost done with my second machine and will head home to finish them up in a few. Things are looking AMAZING. Its going to be a fast process getting everyone back up on these machines, and then its back to a normal day at work. Plus, this weekend, we are celebrating by birthday, and then having a party next week.

Listening To: ‘Hate Love Songs’ by GWAR