busy, but good things coming…

I have about 5 posts in draft form right now that I have been working on. It’s some pretty good stuff, I think, that hopefully some readers will find interesting, helpful, etc. Ive been pretty busy this week trying to clear off my ever growing to-do list at work and home, so none of these have been finished just yet.

I’ve also been under the weather, and these medications are really beating me up. Im being treated for a Sinus Infection, but my allergies are still acting up, and the meds are working, but now that im clearing up, I feel worse than before.

In other news:

  • Pic’s from last weekends party are up on flickr.
  • My blog is now listed on RVABlogs.
  • Deb’s car should be getting back from the shop any day now.
  • Pole Possition Remix came out on iTunes, one of the first ‘3D’ games for the iPod.
  • Only about 2 weeks until my quarter of a century birthday.
  • Soccer moms with Macs piss me off. More on this later…
  • I may leave WordPress.com soon – more on this also later….

Listening To: ‘All the love in the world’ by Nine Inch Nails


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