Errors with Windows Software Update Service on Windows 2000

Even though things have been VERY exciting/confusing/busy/slow at work, I have been able to start working on some more things around the office that really needed to get done. One of the things I have been wanting to do for a while is setup Windows Software Update Service. We have a rather slow internet connection at times (everybody just loves Pandora). Add in a lot of machines to manage, some that have not had updated applied for years. Whenever we have a new machine to update, it takes almost a week to actually get it fully ready for use with the amount of updates needed.

After talking to Nate a while back, he introduced me to Windows Software Update Service (WSUS for short).  This is a lot like the Software Update Server Apple ships on OS X Server, but a lot more robust. You can manage packages better, control groups better, and more, while Apple’s software only allows you to just stage updates. There are higher-end versions of the WSUS software that even let you manage remote installs of other software on machines in your domain.

I just started the setup today, wanting to use the latest and greatest WSUS 3.0. Not looking at the notes, you actually CAN’T run WSUS 3.0 on a Windows 2000 machine. But instead of telling you in the installer, it actually fails and says that ‘wsussetup.exe is not a valid win32 application’. Goggling around actually has most people saying to just re-download it, but save yourself the hassle if you are trying to re-purpose a machine, and just use WSUS 2.0.

Listening To: ‘Going Once’ by Ani DiFranco


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