More pictures posted of Debs’ accident

I posted a few more pictures tonight that I took last night and Debs took today after she left work.

After calling around this morning, she finally found a great (as in, we have personal friends that have had work done there, good reviews online, etc) body shop. The car is to be delivered next tuesday with about a 1 week turn around. She took the car there this afternoon to get an appraisal. Its going to be about $1500 worth of work to do, as long as she didn’t damage anything under the car. This includes both a new inner and outer front bumper, a new side ‘skirt’, and repainting the hood.

In the meantime, yet another Sentra graces our driveway. Enterprise gave her a black 2007 Sentra, base model. Surpassingly though, the car DOES have CVT, which is a blast, but weird to drive. Ill post more about that later.

So at least things are looking up on this end.

After some personal stuff today, the sentra, and some other stuff going on, this sure is a week for the books. I just want this week to end…


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