Darn Tires

So on Deb’s way to work this morning, someone hit a part of a truck tire, flying it up in the air, and then smacking into debs car.

Luckily shes ok, and its not really going to make a dent into our insurance (its considered a road hazard and unavoidable). Oh well. The car does look pretty rough. Ill get to see it tonight im sure, any maybe take some new pictures.

They also are giving her a rental car, but I really REALLY hope this time its not a darn PT Cruiser (when the car was in the shop for an extended period of time under warranty, they gave her some Limited Edition PT Cruiser). While that little P.O.S. did have some pickup at times, it looks ugly, and rides like a small pickup truck.
Days getting better though, the insurance process is going to be cake on this. That, and I just solved a major issue with our real estate parser,  which dropped it from having 1900 errors to 0!
Listening To: ‘Checkered Floor’ by Silversun Pickups

3 thoughts on “Darn Tires

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