(Dont) Give Up on Vista

After a lot of thought (and in the end, a lot of work), I finally gave up on Vista. While I wish it was because of this ad (and we all had new Macs), its because I was just tired of all the crap. Vista is awesome to use, and I would actually be using it at home if I had a PC, but for work, I really just find it to be more of a hassle/burden/general P.I.T.A than using the latest and greatest technology.

Our development team has 3 pretty new Dell Precision laptops, all running Core 2 Duos, 2 GB of RAM, etc. They came with Vista Business installed, which is one of the more ‘powerful’ Vista flavors, mainly designed for great compatibility, higher security, and more corporate uses. Since in my previous job I was a Mac guy, it was really nice to start off with the Mac-like Vista.

Well, when setting up one of the laptops for the new Project Manager, we decided to try out XP rather than Vista. The results were amazing. The machine was blazing fast. The machine was much more stable, much more responsive, and everything just worked better. We installed all the other common software, and we have not had a problem since.

The only thing holding us back on wiping our machines then was that we were in the middle of a huge project that needed to get out the door, and we couldn’t loose any time or data. Now that things have cooled down, it was time to get to work.

So, with my massive amount of time i have taken off this month, I dedicated some time to finding all the software I needed, backing up everything I had (story about this process to come later), and starting a fresh install. Now, with some help from Chris (he did the original setups on these machines, so I did not know where half the software was), I now have a fully working machine again, thats running faster than ever. That, and I dont have to wait 30 minutes for VMWare Server to boot my XP Virtual Machine so I can program in Visual Studio 2003.

But of course, after yet another week off, everything didn’t go without a hitch – I walked into a dead T1 this morning. It had been knocked out sometime late last night, and after numerous resets, nothing worked. Luckily after 2 hours, I receive an email from someone outside. It actually took a few moments to register – most of the time I just see emails come through and ignore until I get a chance. Well, of course I did the same for this one, and then remembered – ‘oh wait…wow….our internet is back’.

Now emails are flowing, music is playing, and im really back into the groove at work. Next week will be my first ‘almost’ full week in a month…and im really excited to start hammering away at some of the big projects for 2008.

Listening To: ‘Reason is Treason’ by Kasabian


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