Do your REALLY believe that’t a business model that works?

A while ago, Gene Simmons of KISS announced his feelings about the record industry today, and how things have been going with him. Those who know me personally know that I have been a huge KISS fan for years, but not so much in the last year or two. I always really liked Gene the most, but that stops at the music/stage presence. I utterly HATE Gene Simmons’ TV shows, theories, etc. Hes got such an edgy attitude that just isn’t cool these days. And no matter how hard he tries, hes not going to make it cool himself.

So I was pretty happy to read this article as well as some of the feedback on engadget and digg. It really follows what I feel about it all.

The best part is how Gene has to go and knock Trent Reznor and his recent endeavors as being the wrong way to go. Its just a model that doesn’t work…Its obviously working!

Gene is stuck on a old ‘tried and true’ model, thats starting to loose credibility, at least in the music industry today. Don’t get me wrong – this is working great for Gene. He would sell his chest hair or anything else to make the money off of it if he could. Gene makes good music (as long as its with Ace, Peter, and Paul – Gene’s solo album was a complete waste). And I guess lying is a great thing to do to fans as well! I took my dad to see the ‘Farewell Tour’ back in 2001. Debs and I have seen KISS twice since then…

The thing is, Trent is connecting with his fans like very few artists have ever before. The entire record industry has created a middle man that has really diluted how an artist can present his or her work directly to the interested public. This is great for the artist and the consumer. Never before (or at least in a really long time) have artists been able to almost feel one on one with their consumers.

The big thing that Gene is missing here is the fact that the business, world, and music changes. While that business model is tried and true, it has stagnated, and we need people like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails leading the way for the future.

Listening To: ‘I Of the Mourning’ by The Smashing Pumpkins


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