Debs and I took our first vacation since our honeymoon last week. Since I have been so busy at work with deploying the new site, I had to wait until it was deployed to take a break. I had almost 2 full weeks to use in one month, so not only did I take last week off, I also got to take at least a day per week off!

There was only one real ‘goal’ of the week – to do nothing according to a plan. Ever since we got married, everything has always been so scheduled, and it was time to just take a breather.

Monday was the warmest day in a while – it got up to 79 in Richmond – beating a record high. I was outside in shorts raking the yard. I stayed at home while Debs hung out with our newest nieces, because I was waiting for FedEx to bring my new toy (which ill comment about later in the post)

Tuesday we left town to go to Washington DC. We didn’t even hit any traffic the entire way up, until we were a mile away from our hotel (it took about 20 minutes to go half a mile). Thanks to Google Maps for my phone (and debs phone), we found our way through some back roads. We then went and checked out the National Cathedral. We started to head into Maryland to go to the National Aquarium, but we didnt want to get stuck in traffic, so we checked into the hotel and then headed to the Metro. We walked around Downtown DC for quite a while that night, walking at least 8 miles (though, with some of the back-tracking we did it may be closer to 10).

Wednesday we packed up early to head up to Baltimore to check out the Aquarium, and then hang out around the city for a while. After a lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, we headed back to Northern Virginia to check out IKEA. Then back on the road to Richmond – again hitting really no traffic!

The rest of the week was just random fun and getting stuff done around the house. I honestly dont remember much because it all blurred together, but I did at least get to beat Halo 3 on ‘Legendary’ with some friends. The week ended up yesterday with loosing power. We were cooking for a Christmas party, and our power went out at 3. After going to the party, we got home around 6, with it still out. It didn’t come back on until 10:45 – which was nice – I almost went to sleep at 7:30 last night!

So, I also got my new toy in last week – a new Canon Digital Rebel XTi. Many of you know my interest in photography, and we had been shopping around for one of these for a few months. I finally found a great deal and got it in 3 days! You can check out a lot of the pictures on Flickr from our trip, which were all taken with the XTi. Its been pretty dreary in Richmond until today, so I have not been able to use the camera much outside yet…but plan to soon. This also means I should be doing a LOT more updates on my OTHER blog soon!

Listening To: ‘Boom!’ by The Roots


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