What I have been doing…

Well, as you have seen in my previous post, our site FINALLY went live, and now I can breathe a little. Only just a little though, there are plenty projects still on the plate, and RDC07 still has a lot of things coming! Ill be posting over time some more ‘technical’ stuff about some things I learned through this project as well!

Ive been trying to ‘relax’ as much as I can otherwise, and I will be doing a lot of that this month. From last week until sometime in January, I will not be working any more than 4 days a week. Debs and I are also taking our first vacations since the honeymoon.

Lots of pictures have been taken on the new camera, and i’ve been posting them to Flickr like crazy. The flickr team FINALLY put out a new beta version of their Uploadr tool, which doesnt seem to mess the order up anymore.

This week is full of events including our Christmas party, a ‘tacky light tour’ on a bus, and the beginning of some time off. It looks like debs and I are booking our hotel in Washington DC tonight, staying right off the Red line on the metro. Should be a fun time!

Lastly, I need to decorate this office. But I have NO clue what to do in here. My only special touch is my red Swingline Stapler. Does anyone have any ideas or want to help?

Listening To:  ‘Space Dog’ by Tori Amos


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