Unbelievable Miracle

Last night, Deborah had a dream. The dream lasted for most of the night, and was very detailed and elaborated. Basically, she was pregnant with our first child (scary, huh!). The pregnancy went great and birth was perfect. Towards the end of the dream Debs remembers sitting on the couch saying ‘Rebecca Lynn, you are soooo precious!’

Rebecca Lynn Whitlow was born this morning around 7:00am at St. Mary’s here in Richmond.  

Debs called me around 9 something this morning at work, saying ‘something unbelievable has happened – Keith and Jennie had a new baby, and they named her Rebecca Lynn!’. She then told me about the dream and how she decided not to tell me since it would probably just freak me out. Basically, the two of them (and of course no one else) had ANY idea that she was pregnant. She woke up this morning in a lot of pain, went to the bathroom, and her ‘water broke’. Keith’s exact words to the 911 dispatcher was that ‘My wifes water just broke and we had no idea she was even pregnant!’.

We went to go see the little girl today after work. Shes very VERY premature, but supposedly very healthy and already ready to go home Thursday. I didnt get a chance to hold her, but Debs did, and of course I took pics. Click the pic of her to go to the set on flickr.

I have to say this is one of the freakiest things to hear/see/be involved in. Not only did they not know she was pregnant and have the baby, but for Debs to dream that dream last night and this happen today.

Such a wonderful, amazing world we live in!

Listening To: ‘Right Where It Belongs’ by Nine Inch Nails


2 thoughts on “Unbelievable Miracle

  1. Man. That is insane. And the baby looks totally normal to me! Prophetic dreams are very often dismissed as coincidence, but something this specific is hard to dismiss. Very interesting, Deb…

  2. Hey, very weird dream…however a little bit off ’cause “Amanda Lauren” is our grandaughter’s name. Hugs & Smiles

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