Two big Apple announcements

I hate to really only be ‘cross posting’ stuff from around the web right now, but Ive been to busy to really write any posts right now, and these two things are pretty big news that haven’t gotten that much coverage yet.

First of all – Apple today announced over 2 million tracks in the DRM-free format, and now for 99 cents! This is a pretty cool deal! While I have very few (5 or less) of the iTunes Plus tracks already, its cool to see how much music they are offering at this new price. Basically, iTunes Plus files have no DRM’s attached, and since they loose file size from not having the DRM, they are encoded at 256kbps rather than 192. While in most cases I wouldn’t care, it appears that for once, Apple is really feeling pressure from others about its pricing scheme.

The other big note is HUGE…they are going to release a SDK to write apps for the iPhone! Something his ‘steve-iness’ said over and over again wouldn’t happen is going to be coming this Winter. Again, the community is really driving where they want to start taking this product.

You can read these stories, and more, at the Apple Hot News page.


One thought on “Two big Apple announcements

  1. oooh I’ll have to check out this geek stuff 😉 hehe
    Love your new layout..looks ever so familiar 🙂

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