I can’t even think of the last time I was this busy…

So while I have put up a few posts, that pretty much clears my queue of posts I had to cover stuff for a while.

Following my recent promotion, I have been in 5x the meetings I ever have been to before.  Ive also been busting my butt trying to get some new people in here. Started my first round of phone interviews today, which went really well. I think I may be able to fill the positions in the next week though…which will be very nice.

We deployed two new websites this week, which is great. They have been two projects that have been kinda hanging on for a while, and finally were approved and put live. One went live yesterday, and the other goes live first thing next week.

Talking about websites going live…this past weekend was fun.  Debs and I worked here from 9am till 730pm Saturday, and then I worked from 930 till 2pm Sunday at the office, and then from 245 till 4 at home. We tried to put RDC07 up this past weekend, but a bunch of bugs made us revert to the old site. Luckily I knocked out a billion bugs in those two days. In the last few days I have had to work on it since, I was able to also fix some database errors, update RSS feeds, and kill a few more bugs. Were looking for a release date now of Oct. 12th or so. This time we have things planned a little bit better, a little less rushed.

Im actually waiting now to put a new deployment up to our production servers to test a few of the bugs I fixed. Ill write about this more soon – because i need help testing the site before we go live! Thats right – Beta testing!

In other news – we are having our first yard sale this weekend. We moved a bunch of crap with us into the house and Im ready to get rid of it all. Please come if you can.

Well, my copy is done and its time to flip the switch…lets see if this thing will work!

Listening To: ‘Brooklyn’ by Mon Def


One thought on “I can’t even think of the last time I was this busy…

  1. next time we’ll have to have a dual-yard sale cuz I got lotsa junk to give, sell, etc! sounds like you need a sales manager too -up your profits hehe

    so in all this busy stuff around your new position – did any of the gang take you out to din to celebrate? I think we should! 🙂

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