Moving on up…

So, yesterday, I got a promotion at my company to now become Vice President of Technology. With Chris moving on to bigger and better things, I was chosen to fill his position at our current job.

While I didn’t see anything like this happening so soon, Im really excited. I work with a great team of people, and lots of things are changing around the company. Its a shame to see Chris leave, I have really enjoyed working with him, but what hes moving on to is awesome!

Ill still be doing a whole lot of development, but now will also have to manage my team as well as provide a general focus of what we are working on. We have a few cool ideas coming down the line in the next year or so, and im really excited to start working on them.

By the way, one of my first jobs is looking for a new Project Manager and a Developer! Send me and email if your interested!

Listening To: ‘Lady’ by Regina Spektor


3 thoughts on “Moving on up…

  1. Congrats – Mr. Lumpkin! 🙂 haha I thought I read that right…”While I defiantly….” I gets the gist tho 😉

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