New iPod Classic!

I have been spending WAY to much money at the Apple store in the last few months!

After selling my black 5th Gen iPod, Debs and I ran up to the Apple Store to pick up the new iPod. After 2 hours of syncing my music, I am very happy with my newest geek gadget!

As I wrote not to long ago, I was having a hard time trying to decide which iPod to get. Ever since the iPhone came out, I really, really, REALLY wanted an iPod that was the iPhone, minus the phone. But when Apple announced the iPod Touch AND the iPod Classic, I have been tossing the idea around since then for which one to really go with. After playing with the iPod Touch for 10 minutes, I made my decision, and went with the Classic. I don’t want to go into it now – but I will have my somewhat negative review of the iPod Touch coming out later this week.

I love the Classic. Not only can I now carry around all my music, I still have plenty of room for data, photos, and movies. While the design did not change all that much, the new case is amazing. With having a black iPod, its more black now (including the dock connector, the hold button, etc). The new iPod even feels lighter than my 30GB 5th Gen.

The new iPod UI was a great upgrade as well. While I dont use CoverFlow that much, I really like playing with it now, and I actually like the special effects when you select songs this way. The ‘Now Playing’ screen also has a nice update, and really looks great. There have been reports around the internet that the audio quality went down on this iPod as well – and I have not experienced that yet – it actually sounds a bit better to me (crisper, cleaner, and better range of high and low).

I have put some unboxing pictures up on Flickr as well. Of course the new iPod looks great sitting beside the iMac!

Listening To: Al Gore talking about talking about a series of tubes and TV on the Emmys.


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