Clean your music metadata with – soon…

Late last week, announced a new ‘Fingerprinting’ project. This project would take the massive amount of songs people ‘Scroble’ to to help users with identifying music. For those who dont know what scrobling is, its where your media player (like iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, etc) sends each song you play to’s web service to record it in your profile.

One of the features of this new fingerprinting technique would be the ability to find errors in the metadata of your music files. All MP3 files have an ‘ID3’ tag that has song information, including the artist, name, album, etc. If you have a song that doesnt have all this data (for any reason), this new fingerprinting system could tell you which song it was, and what metadata it has for it. This would come in really handy for me since I have quite a bit of music that I still haven’t properly tagged yet. is currently in the data mining stages of this process, and only wants to collect ‘fingerprints’ of the files in your library. So after reading through the blog post, I downloaded the fingerprinting app and set it up. All you have to do is tell it where the media for it to index is, and log into your account.

For my roughly 40GB music library, it took the fingerprinting app a little over 8 hours to complete. For a rough estimate, the my old PC was a AMD 3000+ with 1GB of RAM and my music library on a 7200 SATA drive.

You dont have to do all of this in one sitting either – it will know where it left of and will pick back up at that place when you resume the application. I just fired it off one morning when leaving for work and it was done that afternoon when I got home.

Check this program out, and hopefully in not to long we will start seeing the benefits!

Listening To: ‘February Stars’ by Foo Fighters


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