Sprint outright called me a liar and my wife stupid!

Sorry for the long post, but im hoping this may get SOME traffic and do something about getting this issue resolved.

What a great birthday present for my wife.

Starting at 8:30 Saturday morning, people started calling her to wish her a happy birthday. Her mom called around 8:45. She had some business calls come through up until noon, and then around noon our good friend Nate calls. He asks here why in the hell is her phone playing Gwen Stefani. My mom calls her a little later and asks the same thing.

What the hell? Her phone has downloaded ringtones, started charging her account, in the middle of the night?

Just to make this clear – WE DID NOT DOWNLOAD OR PURCHASE ANYTHING. The times that Sprint says action was taken, was either when the phone was being used to make a PHONE CALL, or sitting on a table, not being used. Also, no one other than her or I have touched her phone in at least over a week. And those who have EVER looked at her phone did it while we were sitting there with them.

We decide to go to the Short Pump Sprint store to find out what is going on. After 1 hour, we are assured by a rep that the phone is fixed, but may take an hour or two to have the ringer removed. We get home, and sure enough, two calls come in with a normal ringer. Then, nate calls me at 4 on her phone, and again asks ‘why in the hell is her phone still doing that – I thought they fixed it’.

From then on, I decided to work on this issue from the comfort of my own home.

Customer Support Call #1 – Obviously I get a support rep supposedly named ‘Sarah’ that can BARELY speak English. Gets very rude with me. Basically says that her phone accessed the website at 8:46 AM (look above, she was talking to her mom) and purchased ‘Sweet Escape’ from Gwen Stefani. She doesn’t seem to get the idea that my wife didn’t do this, and something is up. So I ask her ‘I guess robbers came into our house last night and instead of stealing my TV or computer, they decided to download pop ringtones to my wifes phone – thats cool’. She also agreed to me asking her about ‘Sprint Gremlins’, some mystical creature that comes in and raids your phone while you sleep. She offers me $25 for my time. I promptly asked to speak to her supervisor.

Customer Support Call #1.5 – Very sweet lady and made a lot of sense. Assured me that the problem was resolved. She also TOLD me that she had just approved the $25 credit to the account and again she was very sorry. I was so happy…this was taken care of finally.

Customer Support Call #2 – I call Debs phone an hour later, and alas, no ringtones. Try again an hour after that, and all I hear is ‘Sweet Escape’. Awesome! I really love this song. I call customer service and ask again – TAKE the ringtones off. The customer support rep again assures me that its done, but to be safe I may want to turn her phone off, remove the battery, and replace after 30 seconds. Done and done. And for the next few minutes, things are fine.

Customer Support Call #3 – While walking around Wal*Mart prepping for our party, I call Sprint back JUST to make sure that this is the ONLY ESN on the account. You see, her red Motorola RAZR she signed up with wasnt acting correctly. And of course, unlike EVER OTHER cell phone provider, Sprint wont touch them. They tell you to send it back to the manufacturer. Oh, and forget about getting any phone to hold you over ‘To many people abused this in the past’. After this call, I have no problems until today.

Customer Support Call #4 – I call my wife to see what she is doing for lunch. We had been so busy throughout the day I had not talked to her yet. You can imagine my surprise when I hear the ringtones again. Pretty much tell debs that ill talk to her later, I have to call the almighty Sprint. I get another lady with a strong hispanic accent who obviously doenst understand the situation. So I ask for her supervisor. She comes back to the phone assuring me she filled in her supervisor with the problem.

Customer Support Call #4.5 – Her boss. Paul. ‘Im the floor manager, nothing gets past me’. Paul told me that there was no way to talk to anyone else involved in customer support, he was the #1 guy. So after talking to him about the situation, he comes to a conclusion. ‘Sir, your wife most likely was playing around on her phone and accidently did this’. WHAT? He pretty much continues to go on about how ‘she may not be smart enough (EXACT WORDS) to use these features’. He then tells me that he opened a case to research this. When I ask him ‘Why wouldn’t I just tell my wife not to use this feature if SHE ACTUALLY HAD’…He said ‘I dont know’. I then asked him ‘Dont you think if thats the case, I wouldn’t have already wasted 5 hours of my time on this?’. His reaction to this is ‘I have opened a case. Im not letting you talk to anyone above me. If you want more, you have to contact customer service through email’. When I told him ‘And you and I both know, thats not going anywhere’…he then replied ‘Of course, but I do not feel like putting you through’. He also tells me that there was never a $25 credit on the account, and he doesn’t care about my wasted time.

Customer Support Call #5 – Debs calls to ask to have ring tones removed (this is time number 2). She is told that ‘they are now removed, and your good to go’. When asking about talking to a supervisor, she is immediately told that ‘her supervisor is currently working on the case that we just opened’.

Customer Support Call #6 – I call on my ride home from work, because guess what? More ringtones! Now a guy with a thick french accent actually tells me whats up (but still doesnt believe whats going on, and figures its our problem and not theirs). Doesnt really help much other than explaining their structure and what I should do next. He said that there are two supervisors at their call center. There is his direct boss, and then a ‘Floor Manager’ that DOESNT ACTUALLY TALK ON THE PHONE. The manager just monitors call volumes, calls, etc. He said that the floor manager is in charge of the area, but yes, there is customer support above him. Luckily this guy seemed more about fixing the problem, than just putting more traffic in my request. So he takes 15 minutes to look it up in the manual. After waiting, we both decide to just transfer me to Technical Support, and then come back to customer service.

Customer Support Call #6.5 – Transfer to Technical Support. I now get a really sweet lady that in NO TIME helps me at least turn off the custom ringer. She seems surprised (and so do I) that at least 3 customer support reps couldn’t do this. Says I will have to wait to actually get any refund, but for the time being, things should be taken care of and ‘at least seem back to normal’. I then ask her to transfer me to Customer Support. After staying 30 minutes on hold, I give up and decided to call back later.

This is where we stand now. Ill update this post below as time goes on until something happens. I just want people to really see whats going on, and see what we can do about this! Maybe someone with knowledge gets word of this post and can help us out!

Update 1: So after searching the web, I found phone numbers to about 25 reps at sprint…including the office of the CEO. I left about 5 VM’s last night at different offices.

UPDATE 2: Around 9AM this morning, I receive a call from a ‘Sprint Executive Office’ in Texas. The very nice lady on the phone lets me know the account has been credited already $20 for the problems. She then asks about other problems we have had, and I mention how debs was lied to. She credits us the extra $150 that was charged.

UPDATE 3: While on the phone with this lady, Jerry Adriano calls debs and then calls me. I have not been able to talk to him yet, but he left me a voicemail stating that he had some people working on our case, but that he would like to talk to me about my issues with their customer service. Ill update again when I talk to him.


3 thoughts on “Sprint outright called me a liar and my wife stupid!

  1. Good Grief! I’ve had similar customer service nightmares with Verizon or AT&T years ago – long stories – I hate to say this, but I’ve had customer service reps say that exact thing in your call #6.5 – this may not be over…..! sigh

    I say find someone in person in Richmond that is high up, get all your dough back and go to another carrier – im sure you have contemplated this though 😉 Good luck!

  2. My wife and I had a similar problem with sprint, but it involved text messaging instead of ringtones and we didn’t have the customer service issues…when we set up the account we disabled text messaging because neither of us would use it. First bill about 15.00 in text messaging charges. When we called customer service the rep on the other side of the planet (who was actually very helpful) said we shouldnt have been charged for text messaging because our account shows that feature was disabled and we obviously couldnt use it. a refund for those text messages showed up on our next bill…right next to charges for more text messages. The second customer service rep said the same as the first and we got another refund along with more text messaging charges. Overall, this took 6 months to correct, but sprint did refund all of the text messaging charges that had been applied (every month for 6 months) without any hassle or being rude to us. So on one hand we’ve had sprint issues too (that really shouldnt have taken 6 months to correct) but fortunately the customer service reps we dealt with were all professional, courteous and knowlegable (which is more than I can say for many other companies we have dealt with).

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