Finally the iPod’s get an update they deserve…

So if you have not head already…Apple did a huge shuffle (no pun intended) on the iPod line today. Some of the key points are below

  • iPod Shuffle – The shuffle really only got some new colors and now has a Product(RED) version. I dont think there was a price drop on these though – still $79.
  • iPod Nano – Yes, its the iPod fatty. Basically the size was cut way down (it looks to be about half as tall) and is now really fat. One of the biggest updates is that the Nano now gets video and games. Some new colors as well. Also – they are now at a better price…$149 for a 4GB, and $199 for a 8GB (a $50 price drop).
  • iPod ‘Classic’ – this is what the iPod has become. The specs got bumped WAY up – you now get a 80GB model for $250 and a 160GB model for $100 more. This is an amazing deal!
  • Both the Nano and the Classic now have a new interface – including Coverflow, a new ‘Now playing Screen’, and a somewhat new menu system (now the menu only takes up half the screen, and random artwork is placed on the right side of the screen).
  • iPod Touch – the ‘holy grail’ of iPods. Its an iPhone without the phone or camera. Not to bad of prices either – $299 for a 8GB, 16GB for $399. If you look at the cost spread of iPods so far – its only $100 more from a nano to get the Touch. This is the first iPod to have WiFi as well. To me, this is a pretty cool feature that ill mention more in a moment…
  • A WHOLE BUNCH OF PISSED OFF iPHONE USERS – yeah, this came out today as well. A $200 price drop ALREADY? The 4GB model was dropped (you can get it for a clearance price of $299 at the time of this post on Apple’s site), and the 8GB is now $399. Thats a $200 drop on a product that has only been out for about 2-3 months. Thats insane. Yes – I understand that its sometimes the price you pay to be an early adopter…but heres my stance. If you use ANY Apple product – you area already an early adopter (Computer, phone, iPod, etc). BUT – there is NO REASON for Apple to screw over their customers like this. Apple provides THE COOLEST products out there – and to screw buyers that want your products like this is insane. Heres to hoping Apple does SOMETHING for these people. The Un-Official Apple Weblog made a post a little bit ago about ‘Apple Screwed You – So Now What’.
  • iTunes Mobile Store – you will be able to buy songs from your iPod, and then when you sync your iPod, those purchases will be sync’d back to your computer.
  • Starbucks and Apple – Special part of the iTunes mobile store – when you are in a Starbucks your iPod will know, and show you the currently playing song in store, as well as the last 10 songs played, so you can purchase them as well
  • Getting rid of the most useless speakers ever – Apple dropped the iPod HiFi. I knew one person that had this. And he was a multi-millionare client that would buys everything Apple puts out.
  • No Beatles – After all that hype, no Beatles in the music store? I personally dont care, but others may…

So im stuck now with the dilemma – what to do? I have been craving new iPod for the last year and told myself that I would wait ‘for the next big bump’. As that time got closer, I started to think ‘well it needs to be a BIG bump’. After today, I just have to think things through – and heres why…

I have over 40GB of music alone. Add in videos, podcasts, etc, and we could be nearing 60GB of stuff. Right now, I have a smart playlist that I sync with my iPod. That playlist basically selects 20GB of random music that I have not listened to recently. This theory works great, and I really enjoy it, but I still find myself skipping through a ton of songs I dont want to hear. Why yes, having the 80GB Classic (which is plenty for me now, my library has stooped growing as much recently) would be plenty – im not sure if the new interface really sells me on anything else.

Then comes the iPod Touch. If I managed my playlists more (say for example, had 2GB of random music, and then 4GB of my ‘favorites’), I would be hearing more music I like, possibly. I sync my iPod every night almost, so there would always be fresh music to here. Getting the touch also meant I got a ton of new features including the multitouch interface and wifi. This thing could practically be like a Internet Tablet (kind of like the Nokia 770 I carried for a little while at my last job).

So, do I just stay with what I have (which works great, dont get me wrong), get the Classic to carry EVERYTHING, or do I get the Touch (which is still a decent price for me at $299 for the 8GB), and have a cool new interface with tons of new features? What would you do?

Listening To: ‘Last Night’ by The Strokes

Update – Or should I just buy a Zune? The price was dropped $50 today.


2 thoughts on “Finally the iPod’s get an update they deserve…

  1. I’m not sure about the new nano, the fact that it is wider would be a draw back for me, mainly because I like to hold my nano in my hand while running. But the touch seems awsome, I can’t wait to see one in person!

  2. same here! i dun know which one to buy! but when come to think of that, what i really want from ipod is radio capability…thats the big bump i’ve been waiting from apple…but i can’t help but love the ipod touch and the 160GB ipod classic…my current ipod is still working alright and still not aged a year…so i guess i dun need to buy new ipod…

    since you always sync you ipod almost every night, i suggest you to buy ipod touch…rite now i have ipod 80GB and ipod nano, and i dun always sync my ipod..that why ipod 80GB is more suitable for me…i only use ipod nano when i feel to use it…so i think you should buy itouch…hope it helps..:)

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