A Quad-Core Mac…before its time?

This article about one of the old Macintosh Clones was posted on an Australian Mac forum a few months ago. I meant to post it earlier but never got around to it. Its an interesting read for those that are interested in some older Apple history.

For those who didn’t know, Apple licensed the OS (this was around the time of System 7) to other computer manufactures to build these clones. This allowed the market to have many different machines, including low end machines cheaper than what Apple was selling plus high end machines that really pushed the limits, and possibly provided savings that buying a comparable Mac. Of course, after a few years, some of these were selling more than Apple hardware, so Apple pulled the plug on the program (hardware quality had also started to wear off at Apple as well as with the Clones). I personally got a chance to use some of the StarMax (made by Motorola) machines in High School.

Seeing a machine like this brings back some old memories. But it also makes you wonder about what could happen today. With all new Macs being Intel based, it makes you wonder if Apple will EVER allow something like this again. I doubt it though – shortly after Steve came back to Apple, he pulled the plug and mentioned it ‘was a very ill-conceived program’.


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