A new community for the Subversion Community!

Subversion (SVN for short) is a version control system that we use daily at work. It simply allows for controlling multiple version of a project, including historical copies as well as multiple developers working on the same project.

Well, Chris has started a new community for people to share their questions, tips, recommendations, and general knowledge about this wonderful set of tools. SubversionForum.com!
Its still in the very early stages now, but we are hoping with coverage this community can really grow! Please sign up and share your knowledge (or your quest for knowledge!).

PS – I didnt get the chance to mention it before, but Chris and I also started a .net library for Subversion called DotNetSVN. We haven’t been able to work on it much due to the workload at work (I haven’t been able to contribute much code at all to it except a lot of work to get the site up and running). If you can, please join in and help contribute!

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