Lily, My one and only


So when doing some quick yard work around the house Saturday, I was walking around the house and saw this flower out back. This flower had only bloomed in the last week or so. I ran in to grab my camera to get a few good shots while the colors were still so vibrant. I also got a few shots on film as well (it will be a while though till that roll is developed). Click the picture above to check them out!


3 thoughts on “Lily, My one and only

  1. beautiful šŸ™‚ yea there is some strange re-pollination occurring around richmond and i’m going to get to the bottom of it haha yea I’m gonna blog about it – seems like spring in july!

  2. Hi Sweety,

    It’s a beautiful stargazer! I’m so happy you have such an appreciation of nature. God is a wonderful designer.

    Love, Hugs, Smiles & Kisses

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