Updates and Pictures!

Like usual, I have been pretty busy at work and at home to really sit down here and post much of anything. But ill touch base on a few big things that have been going on recently…

  • Debs and I took a little mini-vacation with a bunch of friends up to a little down in the Northern Neck area of Virginia. Its always a lot of fun. We both got a bit of tan, a lot of rest, and a lot of laughs. Did quite a bit of swimming too. You can check the pictures out here on flickr. The worst thing is that Debs fell down a flight of stairs while we were there. She went to the doctor on Monday, and we found out that its a pretty bad sprain. Its going to take a couple of weeks to heal.
  • Debs and I started back at the gym today too! We used to go to American Family, but since we moved, I really dont feel like messing with Short Pump and I really didn’t like the atmosphere that American Family had. So we moved to Golds Gym (so did some of our friends as well). On my first day back I did a ton of cardio while rocking out to Zeitgeist.
  • Chris just finished putting up some of his wedding pictures on Flickr as well. I am in a few of them since I was one of the groomsmen. The pictures are amazing!
  • You should check out Kill The Desktop. Its a new podcast from Chris and Matt that Richmond.com is sponsoring. They put out their first episode earlier this week, and should be doing weekly updates.
  • Im really digging being a programmer again 🙂
  • We are fully unpacked around the house and starting on some new projects. Ill be posting some pictures of progress on the Picassa albums.

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