The move!

I know its been a few weeks since we moved, but I figured I would give an update.

We moved Karen down on the last Saturday in May. It ended up taking a lot less time than most of us thought, but def. was pretty rough on the body . I did get to drive a U-Haul which was pretty interesting. The alignment was so off that holding the wheel straight would prob flip the truck! Also, the radio didn’t work, and it didn’t even have a tape or CD player! Luckily it only took about a quarter of a tank to get back to Richmond, but of course that quarter-tank almost cost $40!

On Sunday we got up pretty early, and decided, what the heck…we should move too. So starting off, we filled the U-haul to the brim with the stuff from our apartment and took it to the house.  We were able to fit just about everything in that truck, a S-10, my Sentra, and Deb’s Stratus.

Of course now, we have been in for a while, and starting to get a few things unpacked. We are moving Courtney and Karen again this weekend back into their new apartment! Ive defiantly gotten a great workout in the last month!

After this weekend Ill make a few more new posts about the new joys of home ownership and whats been going on recently!

Listening To: ‘Anna-Molly’ by Incubus


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