Joost Invites now available!

So, this morning I got my Joost invite! If you have not heard about Joost yet, your missing out! Joost is a new way to watch TV. Imagine, watching TV over the internet, and then using the power of the internet to collaborate, share, and learn about what your watching! And best of all, its free!

They started off the same way GMail and other Web 2.0 projects ‘beta’ their products. A few select people get an invitation and a few more to share. Then, over time, you expand how many invitations users get. Last week, they opened up invitations more, where you now have 1000 invites! You still have to get an invite to sign up.

Once you sign up, you download the client, and get to work! Ive been watching some Aqua Teen while writing this post. Most of the content is new and original, but many BIG companies like ABC, Comedy Central, etc are signing up.

If you dont have an invite yet, LET ME KNOW! Either send me an IM or email with your email address, and ill send you one. Also, ill check the comments to this post as well and add you if you just leave a comment as well!


5 thoughts on “Joost Invites now available!

  1. Yo! I don’t have an invite! I’ve heard of this before, but didn’t think I’d have much use for it since I only watch Lost, and you can watch that on But hey, you never know. I may actually want to watch TV someday.

  2. hello im living in Jamaica and none of my friends know what Joost is so i cudnt get one from them…could you please send an invite so i can share the ‘secret’? thanks in advance.

  3. not sure what this is either, i use a tv tuner in the computer and watch cable tv over the computer – i record shows that way too – its purty nifty – i’m not quite sure if joost is diff – i’ll go read bout it 😉

  4. Can you please send me an invite to JOOST? I would like to try it out…Is it going to be free when it goes live??

  5. Just heard about Joost, and would like to try it out. Your blog came up top of the list on a google search for Joost Invite. Thank you.

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