So we own a house!

Ive been so busy doing SO many things that I have not had time to write!

Debs and I have now owned a house for almost a week. After a great run around with the whole closing process, we finished around 1, had lunch with Emily, and then checked out the house. Debs mom came over a bit later to check the place out while i took some measurements. We then drove to the Sears outlet here in Richmond (most people call it the scratch and dent place). Basically, you can get discounted appliances that have been beat up before going into stores.

After walking around looking at a few ranges, we really started to notice that you pay MORE there! I saw the EXACT SAME range (the one we like the most) there for $100 more than it was at Lowes/Home Depot! And thats with a huge dent and missing paint on the top! We promptly left and took mom to the house to show her around.

Since then, its been a flurry of money, paint, hard work, and more. We spent most of all the weekend at the house painting almost every room. The Living Room and Master Bed room are both done except for trim and ceilings.  I still need to put an extra coat up in the office as well as the Den. Then, we have to slap up some paint in the Kitchen and Living rooms for now. Luckily we have some of the best friends ever that helped us paint, clean, fix, and replace items over the weekend.

Tomorrow (weather permitting) I get to cut my yard for the first time! WoooHooooo!

Listening To: ‘Father Lucifer’ by Tori Amos


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