Its almost over! (and updates on the whole process)

So after 11:30 tomorrow morning, Debs and I will be homeowners! Ever since we finished the contract it felt like this day would never come, but now that we are about to close, it doesnt seem like we have enough time!

We have been in a flurry of packing/cleaning/organizing/trashing stuff. In the last week we have gone through so much stuff and we are just getting started! I spent an hour last night going through all the crap in the drawers of my desk, going through CDs. I had about 100 floppy disks that I had no clue what was on them! I also have been trying to post a few things up on ebay to get rid of them as well. Since we still have a month to move everything, we are taking this time to go through just about everything!

Today after work Debs and I met the realtor at the house for the final walk-through. This was the first time we saw the house with nothing in it, and it actually looks a whole lot smaller! We stayed there for almost an hour going through every little nook and cranny through the house, shed, and yards. I really wished I had some paper with me because I picked out about 5-10 small projects that I would love to get started on. Also, looking through the house, it looks like we may need to start off by painting most of the rooms. I would then like to work on the floors in the media room, bathroom, and kitchen to start. Id also love to do quite a bit of work to the shed.

Today we also went by and bought a lawnmower off Craigslist from someone pretty close to us. I may have to do a little work to it to fix the self-propel function of it, but then again, I have never had a mower that used that…so I may just leave it.

Now I need to get back to working on some stuff, some more cleaning and packing, and then I do have a few more posts to work on. Ebay put out a new feature called eBayToGo today that I would like to check out, as well as a few more posts on some more specific home buying topics.


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