It has already been a year!

So Sunday was our 1 Year Anniversary! YES – IT has already been one year!

We have been so busy with this home buying stuff that we really had a hard time figuring out what to do. We decided first of all that our present to each other was going to be the new house…which I really think is cool.

We also shot around a few ideas of what to do for the actual day, but in the end, it was spontaneous…the best thing. I wanted to buy to cheap, totally random plane tickets, and fly to some random city for a weekend…where ever that took us. But since we had the house and everything going on, we decided it was best to save the money and do that sometime later. So instead, we left it until 10AM to make a decision on where to go on Sunday. It was either West (Blue Ridge Mountains), East (Williamsburg to the beach), or North (NoVA and DC).

We decided to go to Williamsburg since the last few times we have tried going there, we never get to do the Colonial Williamsburg stuff. We drove up there, parked, and walked all through Colonial Williamsburg, Downtown Williamsburg, and the W & M Campus. I took quite a few pictures during the whole trip, that you can find over on Flickr. I also have some film that I need to get developed from the trip as well.

Were going to end up the celebrating with a nice dinner somewhere around town this week. Then we have to hit the ground running since we close in a WEEK!

Listening To: ‘Brother’ by Murder By Death


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