Final Wii Internet Channel now live!

So while we were catching up on some old House episodes that were saved on the DVR, the Wii started blinking. After logging in, I noticed that it was a new note from Nintendo! The internet channel was finally live!

Had to do a system update, and then you can go to the Wii Ware section of the shopping channel. In there, you can download the new browser, which took a while to install (about 5 minutes on my 5mb FIOS connection)
Some of the new features include a search bar, hiding button bar, MUCH faster load times ( i see a difference on pages too), better zooming, etc.

The best new feature – and amazing user experience. I now feel like im using a somewhat modern browser – not something worse than the browser on my cell phone. The new browser has really nice error messages, easy to use, settings you can control, etc. You can also now tell it to default to Google or Yahoo for searching as well.

I clicked through my custom Google homepage, (the player works GREAT), flickr, this site, etc. I really like how you can zoom all over the place now, and it looks great and lays out the page very nicely as well.

Unf. I dont have any pictures yet, but hope to post some soon. You can check out more here, and im sure in the next few hours places like endgadget and others will have a lot more!

One thing – make sure to check out the settings page on the main entry page. Here is where you have to turn on stuff like zooming and the auto-hide feature of the navigation bar that is on the bottom of the screen.


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