Further progress on the house

So we have been doing a few things about the house in the last few weeks, mostly dealing with the financing. We finally have the mortgage papers signed, and pretty much now just waiting to close. We ended up saving about an extra $100 a month throughout everything from what we originally were looking at.

We close now in about 3 weeks. Debs and I are already getting pretty antsy to start packing up, cleaning, and moving…but we still have a month AFTER closing to actually move out of our apartment. We have started to call the different utility companies for service, calling the insurance company for quotes, and im doing some research to determine what type of TV/Internet service to get.

I have also been looking into some stuff to furnish/decorate the house. We picked up some cool vases not to long ago, and I also have been looking through some photography. We are also looking for a futon and other random furniture to help lay out the place a bit better (so it does not look TO empty).

Soon I think we will be able to get over there, and I plan on taking a few pics of the whole process to show everyone. We are also looking at throwing a Memorial Day party to celebrate the new house (and a friend of ours coming back to town), so everyone should come!

Listening To: Enemy of the State on TV


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