Its almost over! (and updates on the whole process)

So after 11:30 tomorrow morning, Debs and I will be homeowners! Ever since we finished the contract it felt like this day would never come, but now that we are about to close, it doesnt seem like we have enough time!

We have been in a flurry of packing/cleaning/organizing/trashing stuff. In the last week we have gone through so much stuff and we are just getting started! I spent an hour last night going through all the crap in the drawers of my desk, going through CDs. I had about 100 floppy disks that I had no clue what was on them! I also have been trying to post a few things up on ebay to get rid of them as well. Since we still have a month to move everything, we are taking this time to go through just about everything!

Today after work Debs and I met the realtor at the house for the final walk-through. This was the first time we saw the house with nothing in it, and it actually looks a whole lot smaller! We stayed there for almost an hour going through every little nook and cranny through the house, shed, and yards. I really wished I had some paper with me because I picked out about 5-10 small projects that I would love to get started on. Also, looking through the house, it looks like we may need to start off by painting most of the rooms. I would then like to work on the floors in the media room, bathroom, and kitchen to start. Id also love to do quite a bit of work to the shed.

Today we also went by and bought a lawnmower off Craigslist from someone pretty close to us. I may have to do a little work to it to fix the self-propel function of it, but then again, I have never had a mower that used that…so I may just leave it.

Now I need to get back to working on some stuff, some more cleaning and packing, and then I do have a few more posts to work on. Ebay put out a new feature called eBayToGo today that I would like to check out, as well as a few more posts on some more specific home buying topics.


It has already been a year!

So Sunday was our 1 Year Anniversary! YES – IT has already been one year!

We have been so busy with this home buying stuff that we really had a hard time figuring out what to do. We decided first of all that our present to each other was going to be the new house…which I really think is cool.

We also shot around a few ideas of what to do for the actual day, but in the end, it was spontaneous…the best thing. I wanted to buy to cheap, totally random plane tickets, and fly to some random city for a weekend…where ever that took us. But since we had the house and everything going on, we decided it was best to save the money and do that sometime later. So instead, we left it until 10AM to make a decision on where to go on Sunday. It was either West (Blue Ridge Mountains), East (Williamsburg to the beach), or North (NoVA and DC).

We decided to go to Williamsburg since the last few times we have tried going there, we never get to do the Colonial Williamsburg stuff. We drove up there, parked, and walked all through Colonial Williamsburg, Downtown Williamsburg, and the W & M Campus. I took quite a few pictures during the whole trip, that you can find over on Flickr. I also have some film that I need to get developed from the trip as well.

Were going to end up the celebrating with a nice dinner somewhere around town this week. Then we have to hit the ground running since we close in a WEEK!

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Apple, it better be good.

So late last week Apple announced that they were moving the release of Leopard (Mac OS 10.5) back until October. They basically announced that the iPhone OS and User Interface took more resources than originally needed, so they had to pull OS developers away from Leopard and put them on the iPhone. But of course we all know that the iPhone runs ‘the most sophisticated operating system ever’, so its all good, right?

I really like Apple, and you all know that. Id love to have an iPhone. But I am sick and tired of their ‘shock and awe’ tactics as of late. The iPhone is going to be damn cool, but remember your roots. We need to get an OS out first.

The jump from 10.2 to 10.3 was so-so. 10.3 to 10.4 was huge. 10.4 to 10.5 better blow that out of the water and then some. And from what I have seen ( I can not talk about my NDA stuff, but from what is publicly announced and leaked ), im still not all that impressed.

For them to have so much ‘media slander’ against Vista and Windows in general, to talk up all these ‘new’ features that are going to change the way we look at computers, and then for them to verbally come out an announce they are having to delay it (of course, after making fun of Microsoft for the same thing)…it better be worth that wait. Apple is going to put themselves in a very odd position if they can not live up to all this hype.

I hope for the best for them…I want to see Leopard blow the socks off Vista, and really live up to this hype. Apple has been able to do this before, and I dont doubt they can do it again.

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Final Wii Internet Channel now live!

So while we were catching up on some old House episodes that were saved on the DVR, the Wii started blinking. After logging in, I noticed that it was a new note from Nintendo! The internet channel was finally live!

Had to do a system update, and then you can go to the Wii Ware section of the shopping channel. In there, you can download the new browser, which took a while to install (about 5 minutes on my 5mb FIOS connection)
Some of the new features include a search bar, hiding button bar, MUCH faster load times ( i see a difference on pages too), better zooming, etc.

The best new feature – and amazing user experience. I now feel like im using a somewhat modern browser – not something worse than the browser on my cell phone. The new browser has really nice error messages, easy to use, settings you can control, etc. You can also now tell it to default to Google or Yahoo for searching as well.

I clicked through my custom Google homepage, (the player works GREAT), flickr, this site, etc. I really like how you can zoom all over the place now, and it looks great and lays out the page very nicely as well.

Unf. I dont have any pictures yet, but hope to post some soon. You can check out more here, and im sure in the next few hours places like endgadget and others will have a lot more!

One thing – make sure to check out the settings page on the main entry page. Here is where you have to turn on stuff like zooming and the auto-hide feature of the navigation bar that is on the bottom of the screen.

That first roll of film…

Well, we finally got around to getting the first roll of film from my new camera developed.

The pictures came out a LOT better than I thought, but I still have a LOT to do to really get this whole photography thing going again. First, I need to really clean my camera. There were a lot of artifacts all over the scans, and I feel that part of it was due to some dust I have seen on the mirror and lens. Secondly, I need to find a ‘better’ way to get digital prints of my film.

We took them to the Ritz Camera on Broad St. near Parham Road. We had them just develop the film and put them on to a CD, I did not get any actual prints. Well, about 10 of the prints have SO much noise on them they are almost useless to me. The others have random scanning artifacts on them. There were some BEAUTIFUL shots I would like to put up…but they look terrible on the computer. Id really like to hear what type of experiences people have had converting their film to digital, and what is the best way to do it.

I took 5 of the best (in composition that then had least amount of noise) from the roll and cleaned them up a little in Photoshop, fixed the levels, etc.  Please check them out on Flickr and let me know what you think!

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Further progress on the house

So we have been doing a few things about the house in the last few weeks, mostly dealing with the financing. We finally have the mortgage papers signed, and pretty much now just waiting to close. We ended up saving about an extra $100 a month throughout everything from what we originally were looking at.

We close now in about 3 weeks. Debs and I are already getting pretty antsy to start packing up, cleaning, and moving…but we still have a month AFTER closing to actually move out of our apartment. We have started to call the different utility companies for service, calling the insurance company for quotes, and im doing some research to determine what type of TV/Internet service to get.

I have also been looking into some stuff to furnish/decorate the house. We picked up some cool vases not to long ago, and I also have been looking through some photography. We are also looking for a futon and other random furniture to help lay out the place a bit better (so it does not look TO empty).

Soon I think we will be able to get over there, and I plan on taking a few pics of the whole process to show everyone. We are also looking at throwing a Memorial Day party to celebrate the new house (and a friend of ours coming back to town), so everyone should come!

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