Checking out the Apple TV

After dinner tonight, Debs and I went up to Short Pump Town Center to walk around and check out any sales. While there, we dropped into the Apple Store to check out the new Apple TV.

I have been interested in Media Centers for a while now – and have been looking at all the options I could find for almost a year now. Id love something that hooks up with my iTunes library, but then again, I dont want to waste a lot of money on buying a computer just to set with the TV. I also looked into getting just a Mac Mini that we can then carry to the TV when needed, but that ends up just being a hassle. Ive also thought it would be nice to get an original XBOX and install the XBMC project on it….but then again, I also would really like to get a xbox 360 soon.

The Apple TV is a great mix….but then has quite a few downfalls. Lets start off with the bad. 40GB hard drives are so 3 years ago. If I buy one of these things…thats got to be replaced. Also – the machine obviously is running a stripped down version of OS X – why not let me use some web browser or even let me show some Dashboard widgets?

Otherwise – this thing was amazing. It felt just like Front Row, but looks so much nicer (im hoping this is what front row looks like in 10.5…we will see about that). I tried out the music, movies, photos, and tv shows on it. When playing music espc…I like the atmosphere it gives with the cover art and track information. The photos have a nice clean organization as well. When looking at movies, there is an area for more details, and I think it also tracks where you have left off.

Im still debating on getting one. Microsoft just announced the Xbox Elite – and while I dont want to spend THAT Much extra money, im guessing around Christmas time this year, they are going to bump the current 360s (sell them base with the 120GB hard drive and HDMI). I guess in the meantime Ill just have to wait a little longer!


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