Venturing into investments

When Debs left Ukrops, she had already saved about $5000 in her 401k. Unfortunately, she was not able to roll it into her new 401k at her new job. The money was placed into a basic cash account at the new investment firm.

Not knowing what else to do with the money, we thought it would be fun (and beneficial of course) to invest it. This would be our first time investing, and were lost at where to start. After a few calls to our rep, we decided to try 3 different investment plans!

Stocks – Your standard stock. Debs and I now own part of a company. I personally wanted to buy a few shares of Apple stock, but when working with a firm, they did not seem to interested to let me do short term trading. Eventually we may close accounts here, and go to something like e-trade, but no plans soon. We bought a few shares of Oracle, since they have a great buy flag right now. We bought a few days before the weird market crash the other week, and still have made a few bucks.

Four-Post Focus – This is a special account that M-K was advertising. We were ok with higher risk (it wasnt that much money we were investing in the first place), and wanted to do some interesting stuff. This Four-post account invests in quite a few different things, with 4 main catagories. They include energy trading, stock market, and a few others. This usually has great returns, and you only need $1000 to start.

Gold – We were not going to do this at first (did not even think about it), but buying gold def. levels out our investments so far. Basically, this let us invest in a different area from stocks all together, just to see where it can get us.

We are still VERY new in this game – and I know some of this will change over time. It was fun to set all this up, and its also great to use things like Google Finance to track our money.

Listening To: ‘A Lack of Color’ by Death Cab for Cutie


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