My bad, G…

Since I last redid my computer, I have been running a very small application set with nothing much more than AIM, Firefox, Office, Picasa, and Visual Studio 2005. I also have been on a quest AGAIN to find an AIM client, mainly because I have been using Google Talk a whole lot more, and wanted a multi-protocol client.

So I switched to GAIM for now, running the newest v2.0 beta. Its been great, looks really nice, and does everything I want.

But tonight, I wanted to install GIMP so I could use that and to do any photo work. I use Picasa to organize my photos, but I like to have something that I can do more detailed touchups, etc.

When I installed GIMP, it would not start. It kept telling me that it could not find ‘libexpat.dll’. I did a reinstall really quick to make sure it wasnt missing anything, and again it failed to launch. After looking around on google some, I found this, which explains the issue. It looks like the newer version of GTK with GAIM doesnt work right with the one that came with GIMP. So after installing the GTK 2.10.8 rev A patch, it works like a charm!

Listening To: “I cant see new york” by Tori Amos


One thought on “My bad, G…

  1. That’s a perfect match for me. I recently reloaded my box and put GAIM on it. Now I’m getting GIMP back up…the new version gives the same error. I couldn’t find the exact referenced patch but at, there was reference to getting that dll from I downloaded that, put it in my system32 directory and it works. I’m a little leary though…I did have two other libexpat.dll files on my system, on in SwSetup\MPrint and another in Metasploit. I guess I’ll see if anything breaks. GIMP does run now anyway…that’s for posting the tip.

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