Somehow we fell in love?!

I know I just posted a little bit ago that we dont know if we would ever fall ‘in love’ with one house…but we did!

We went to look at a set of houses on Sunday. This time, we were mostly looking around Lakeside, and we were then going to head out to southside again to take a second look at a few places. I really liked one house we found in Lakeside (actually, it was about 6 houses down from where my friend Elaine grew up)…but when we saw it in person…I almost died. Throughout the entire house…i was saying “WTF is up with that?!”. Basically, it looked like the previous owners liked to add on stuff to the house, with no intent of ever finishing it. There was actually a WALL WITH A DOOR outside on the patio…where you could just walk around the wall (on the grass) to get to the other side. Wow.

The second house we pulled up to…and it just looked ‘cleaner’. After walking in, I just wanted to run around the place like a little kid hanging out with Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. Everything was JUST perfect. Layout was awesome. Yes, the house was a rancher, pretty large (just shy of 1500 sq feet), but EVERYTHING had a place…and there wasnt much waste at all. It also has a Den, Florida Room, and a Deck! The best part – Debs sister-in-law’s mom is the previous owner.

After some hesitation (and visiting yet another house), we grabbed a bite to eat, and then went back to our place to work on the contract. By 7pm, we had submitted the one and only contract on the house! The house had only been on the market for a little less than a week.

Yesterday was insane with a  bunch of contract changes (more on that later), but overall busy. After work I went downtown with debs to the realtor’s house to sign a few more papers. Well, about 30 min later, we had confirmation that they signed the contract!

So next comes the fun part of getting everything done in the next 2 months. We close on May 1st, which will be interesting. But there is SO much to do in the meantime.

Oh – and the house is in Lakeside, REALLY close to Hungary Road and Woodman Road.

Listening To: ‘A Movie Script Ending’ by Death Cab for Cutie


8 thoughts on “Somehow we fell in love?!

  1. Congrats! I am closing on a house tomorrow (hopefully, it was supposed to be today, but was delayed), not far from there, off of Woodman, but closer to Ginter Park. I think Woodman and Hungary is in Laurel Park, though, not Lakeside.

  2. So awesome. Congrats! I bet you live pretty close to my boss and your old dept chair 😉 He’s in lakeside too near Bryant park.

  3. Congrats to the both of you! Looks like we will be living real close to each other, I’m right off of Hungary Road too, about half a mile from Woodman.

  4. harryhomeowner – good luck on your closing! Laurel park is kinda part of lakeside – were in the same zip code and everything.

    tina – I didnt know he lived that close! I never got to go over and visit him…but thats cool. I of course grew up over there (about half way from our new place to his place near moody middle school

    cory – awesome! I didnt know thats where you were :)…are you in the townhouses after the train tracks?

  5. Jon,
    I’ll take your word for it, I’m new to the area anyway. I was just going by what co-workers told me. So, you have a ratified contract, are you nervous yet? If you don’t mind my asking, why such a long closing? I’ve bought two houses and sold one and all closed in about a month.

  6. Hah – its more that we classify that larger area as lakeside, just from being there so long. We were nervous, a little calm for now. As far as the closing – our lease at our appt is up in the end of May. So we didnt have to pay a mortgage and rent the same month, we moved our closing back.

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