To Wait or Not Wait?

So, I have come to a problem.

We cant fall in love!

We have quite a few houses now (Southside, Glen Allen, AND LAKESIDE) we really like. But nothing that JUMPS out at me. And the thing is…I dont think I can ever see that! I know what I like, would I would want, etc. But….other than that…there is NOTHING else that stands out there and screams THIS IS IT. And debs is feeling the same way.

I dont know if we should wait….see if there is something else that comes out on the market that we like, etc. The thing is by the time we maybe DO find something….one of our original top choices is gone. Also, we actually DONT have that much time…we have to have a place to live by the end of May. We dont want to resign our lease, prices are GREAT right now, etc.

BUT – I do have new info. After the responses I have gotten recently, I tried a LITTLE harder to look for something on this side of the river. And I found quite a few places. We added them (about 4) to our list to see on saturday….and only one of the ones in southside. I have REALLY moved this one house to the top of my list that is right near Glenside and Staples Mill. It has a garage and everything!


One thought on “To Wait or Not Wait?

  1. Just wait – it’ll show for you šŸ™‚ especially if it is a house you will want to live in longer than 5 years. We’ve been in ours for almost 5 yrs – consider it a starter home but if we are with child in 2008 – there is still plenty of room šŸ˜› we will be moving on though….

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