Bye Bye Verizon….Hello….


Debs and I made the decision last night…and by using a little online trick…we got out of our contract for FREE, since we didnt like the 50% hike in text message rates (OF COURSE!). I expected this to take us forever, multiple calls, etc. Well, the tier 0 girl said she was fine, and we just had to talk to a supervisor, who was very nice as well. Our contract ends on March 12th.

So, then, clicking around online, I noticed that Sprint still had their SERO accounts open to the public. This is where you basically get Sprint Employee Family and Friends discount. And this discount is amazing.

I got 550 minutes, nights starting at 7pm. Then, I also got FREE UNLIMITED PowerVision (EVDO data plan). For $30. I actually got two of these. The family plan for the same minutes was $60, BUT – you didnt get the Vision/PowerVison stuff. I then added texting to both of our accounts. So, now we each have 550 minutes and all these features, and its STILL free to call each other!

Debs picked the Product(Red) Moto RAZR. I picked up myself the Moto Q – a phone I really wanted at Verizon. Unf…both phones are out of stock…but they expect to ship next week! And the best thing – is that since I have unlimited data – I can use all the features of the phone (google stuff, IE, etc…) for free (almost)!

Of course, ill be writing about the phone once i get it.

This means we now have two phones to sell (YAY!). A Pink Moto RAZR (brand new really), and then my LG VX-8600. If anyone here wants to upgrade, ill sell it for ‘cheaper’ than I would on ebay – but still looking for about $150 on her phone, and $225 at least on mine. These will be going on ebay once we get the new ones.

Also – our numbers should not be changing. It looks like we may have an issue and get a new number, but since this should be resolved before the 12th, we should be able to keep them. If we dont…we will let everyone know the new ones!

Listening To: ‘Obscured’ by The Smashing Pumpkins


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