The other side of the river…

So, quite a few things have happened over the last week that change the way we were looking at houses.

Debs and I have lived in the Westend(ish) area our entire lives. From Lakeside, to Shortpump, and now just Westend Henrico. If you know/are from Richmond, you may know that most people from the westend REALLY dont go to Southside that much, and vice versa. And when you get to Southside, its like a whole different town. Since Rt. 288 came, this has changed a whole lot, but there still is some separation.

Well kids, things are a WHOLE LOT cheaper in Southside…even in the REALLY nice areas.

So, we started looking at some houses, one as close as a block away from one of our friends. There is another house about 3 miles away (and about a mile away from another friend) that is NOW at the top of our list. It has a garage, large living area, cool layout, and huge kitchen. Its also a really nice area! And its just about as cheap as the cheapest house we were looking at in Glen Allen. The entire inside would have to be repainted – that will be fun. But when walking in there, I could just see all of our stuff laid out!

Now what to do….and that will be in my next post….

Listening To: More keyboard clatter,  people talking, laughing. Man its great to be onsite…


6 thoughts on “The other side of the river…

  1. Dude. Resist the temptation to move to the southside and subject your future children to suburban hell. Just resist it. I don’t care if it’s cheaper…you’ll be way happier living in CIVILIZATION, even if you have to sacrifice some square feet. And the neighborhoods that are borderline-sketchy right now are the ones that are going to skyrocket in property values. You know this.

    Glen Allen is also the devil.

    I still think Lakeside is way cooler. Whatever happened to that idea?

  2. There is not that much IN lakeside. We looked…and I found one or two…but they are like 2 bedroom and 1 bath…just not what we want. Everything else is way out of our league.

    Southside isnt that bad…and this is just a starter home. IE – no kids will be there. And its only 20 minutes from where we are…and while in suburbia…no worse that short pump 🙂

    Thats where it goes to my next post….

  3. Parents are a great resource…..and have been around the block a few times with tips to share. Don’t move too fast….

  4. Shoooo jus move out to Bumpass and get more house for your buck and hey you would never run out of funny small talk with a name like that 😉 jus ask Jeff M. haha

  5. Hah! Debs family knows someone that lives on ‘pottysville lane’ in bumpass. Talk about a hard life!

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